Frank Power Line Management PLM-5500VA

Frank Power Line Management PLM-5500VA

The Frank PLM-5500VA Power Line Management’s genesis stems from our encounters with systems used in abodes which experienced unusually high incoming AC voltages that were above the weighted mean average. This resulted in systems, no matter how carefully set-up to be unable to unleash the full potential of what the owners’ system are capable of. From this the idea for the Frank PLM-5500VA Power Line Management was born out of the need to ensure that any users’ carefully set up system will perform at its optimum envelop given a stabilized and consistent incoming voltage which is required by the user's’ system. 

Overload protection by ABB MCCB 20AMP 25kA
(ABB molded case circuit breakers)


Frank Power Line Management PLM-5500VA


● Cool running and silent. This allows the unit to be placed within your critical listening environment.

●  Auto-Self-Test for low and high voltages using technology from an MX-200A Mikro MSC.

● System stays shut when a there is a power trip from the Utility company (i.e. TNB) and remains off when the power returns insuring the system is protected by the surge when electricity supply is resumed after a blackout. 

AC Voltage input :
220VAC - 265VAC 50/60Hz

AC Current Capacity:  
Output  5.5KVA

Overload protection:
MCCB ABB 20Amp 25KA Cryo (ABB molded case circuit breakers)

Autotransformer :

Inlet Plug :
IEC C-14 15Amp

AC Voltage :
Step down to -23%

Number of outlet :
4X Nema 5-20

190mm H x 486mm W x 405mm D  


Standby Power Consumption:
20 Watt  TO 5500 Watt

Made in Malaysia